More About Fashion Pride

Fashion Pride Event Schedule

We’ve been working on Fashion Pride for two months, ensuring a great event to raise funds for AIDS Commitee of Toronto (ACT). ACT is an organization devoted to educating the public about the dangers of HIV and AIDS, aiding those living with the disease, and researching the best ways to disseminate information to the public. The charity has been around since 1983, continually adjusting its programs to the changing needs of its community. It works with gay men, women, and youth, increasing “knowledge, skills and resilience in the face of HIV, and reducing HIV transmission.”

In order to raise funds for this worthy cause, Fashion Pride has created an exciting week of shopping, entertainment, and fashion shows. Top designers have created exclusive items with 100% of the proceeds being donated to ACT. Our week is filled with entertainment from Regi Yifu from Regimade, SL Live Radio, DJ Kaj, and live music from the lovely Tamra Sands. In addition to exciting parties, we have two fabulous fashion shows from Babylon Model Agency and Les Garcons.

Donation boxes will be placed around the sim with donations going directly to ACT Merryman, the avatar created by the charity to accept donations. Additionally, real life donations can be made on the ACT website here.

We look forward to seeing you.



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