What is ACT?


Founded in 1983, AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) is an organization devoted to providing services and programs for Toronto and the surrounding communities. Through counselling programs, information, vocational support, and social support, the charity provides empowerment to men, women, and youth living with HIV. The program ACT provides help keep those who have HIV independent and enhance their overall well-being. ACT works with gay men, women, and youth to keep them informed, and increase their resilience as they face HIV. Additionally, ACT works to reduce HIV transmission in the community, continually sharing information on the virus in outreach and education programs to keep people aware of preventative measures. As ACT states, “Today in Toronto, more people than ever are living with HIV and every day two more people are infected with HIV. So our work is far from over. With your help, ACT can continue to take action against HIV/AIDS.”

Thank you for joining us as we come together to help ACT take this action against HIV and AIDS. With your support, this valuable charity will receive funds that will allow it to continue reaching out to those living with HIV, disseminating information to prevent the spread of the virus, and research new ways to reach the members of the population.


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